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Denim: Navy Multicolor Speckled

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€139,99 EUR
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€169,99 EUR
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€139,99 EUR
  • 100% cotton , 326 gms/11oz

    Customer Reviews

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    Derrick Patrick
    Great qaulity

    A lovely cut and high qaulity, exceptionally happy

    NIce fabric

    Well, it's definetely a denim - not as soft as your usual chino fabric.
    Quite dense, sturdy and drapes quite good for cotton.
    Those "speckles" are bsolutely amazing: I haven't seen many cotton fabrics with such design.

    I typed in same hips measurements as with my previous pair of pants, but these turned out very tight (the previous was perfect)
    Maybe it's because the first one was with double forward peats and the second was with single reverse pleats.
    That's my third pair of luxire pants and on these trousers we already got straight crese line (although there're still some fit issues)

    Lex Amaris
    Stained my white shirt blue

    Y’know, I was really excited when I get these pants; they looked great, they fit well enough, etc etc. I was so excited to wear them out, so when the opportunity came for me to wear them to a couple of shows that I’m going to, of course I put them on; tucked my shirt into them and took off for the day.
    And then, a few hours into my time at work, I go to the bathroom, untuck my shirt, and what do I see? The bottom of it is covered in blue stains. It didn’t take long for me to figure out why.
    Look, I get that these pants can be difficult to get, and spending ~$100 for a pair isn’t the *worst* price tag out there, but it’s still not cheap by any means, and if I’m shelling out that kind of money for a single pair of pants, I want them to at least do the bare minimum of not staining my other articles of clothing