We Are Luxire

A team of passionate, happy tailors, designers and clothing experts, with a passion for high quality and perfect fit. We buy fabrics from the best European mills and tailor our clothing in our own studios.

We are Green, environmentally conscious and dedicated to circular fashion. Zero affluents discharged. By making clothing that fits you, we have reduced wastage by 63%

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World's Best Jeans

How often do we tell ourselves: I love these jeans, but...?

We always want our jeans to have that extra bit to be perfect. Luxire does that for you.
Beafy Japanese denim to last a few decades, highest quality copper hardware and that attention to detail.

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Ready To Wear

Late 2020, Luxire launched ready-to-wear pants and Shirts. This was revolutionary in many ways. Having made bespoke clothing for a decade, we know you, your body and your fit. We were also able to study how our bodies are changing based on modern lifestyle.

Ready-to-wear clothing ships the next day. They are an excellent base for you to start your made-to-measure journey.

Ready To Wear

Goodyear Welted Shoes

In October 2020, Luxire launched Goodyear welted shoes.
Made using leather from some of the best tanneries in Europe , these shoes are crafted on vintage Italian machines, using traditional techniques

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Munich Store

Our office in Munich is now ready to welcome our customers. You can visit us for measurements, browsing through fabric swatches, for advise or just for some saratorial discussions. You can book a time slot here.

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