Luxire Boxer Shorts - 3 Pack

Luxire Boxer Shorts - 3 Pack

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  • Made from the finestí«ÌÎ_Cotton for a soft and comfortable feel
  • Made for maximum comfort with soft elastic and seams
  • Thick Mother-of-pearl buttons
  • Made to your specifications
  • Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry

Customer Reviews

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Mats F.
Bespoke Boxer

Very well made after my directions!

Jean-Luc Leiby
Buy with confidence

I am pleased with these. I sent a brand new boxer short that fits me well to Luxire to copy the measurements and the result turned out great. I am tall and do like to wear trousers with a high rise; thanks to this offer from Luxire the rise of my boxer shorts match perfectly with the rise of my trousers. It's a pity there do only come in one sigle color. Please kindly extend your offer of fabrics.

Sean M.

After trying these I'll never go back to retail.

Mats F.
Bespoke, custom boxer shorts

I really like the quality of both the fabric and the handy craft. Though I did expect the fit to be adjusted to how the shorts works in comparishion to my actual measurements. What I mean is that the shorts are made exactly to my bodys measurements, which makes them too tight to wear as they give no flexibility. I expected that You would adjust my exact measurements to a size/measurement for shorts that are flexiable and comfortable to wear.