• Mini Gingham Grey Peacoat (45429653512)
  • Mini Gingham Grey Peacoat (45429653512)
  • Mini Gingham Grey Peacoat (45429653512)
  • Mini Gingham Grey Peacoat (45429653512)
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Mini Gingham Grey Peacoat

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  • Fabric from Drapers, 100% Soft Wool, 18 oz
  • DB coat
  • High gorge peak lapel
  • No chest pocket
  • Side vent pockets with jetted flap pockets
  • Custom made to your specifications. Order a canvas trial for $75 additional to get the fit right
    • Lining: 90% wool flannel OR 100% Cotton Flannel OR 100% Cotton Printed Denim Chambray OR Bemberg
    • Premium lining: 12 Oz Wool quilted inside cotton flannel or corduroy. The body will thus feel the cotton corduroy or flannel and there would be 2 layers of wool protecting it from cold. - $50 extra
    • Made to your style and Measurement Specifications
    • The best of Outer wear



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