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Linen: Natural Ecru Hopsack

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€229,99 EUR
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€359,99 EUR
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€229,99 EUR
  • 100%Linen,390 gms/13 oz
  • Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry
  • Heavy Linen Vintage Style

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Christian S.
Oldschool, thick linen. They seldom

Oldschool, thick linen. They seldom make it like this anymore. Suitable for a jacket as well.

Josef S.
Very pleased! Wonderful fabric!

The material is fantastic. It has the loose weave and casual nature of linen, but hangs like a heavier wool due to its weight. Don't think that because of the weight it's not appropriate for summer - in fact it's perfect for summer and keeps an elegant shape. The make was perfect and the fit was nailed. Luxire even made sure to perfectly make the special requests I submitted regarding the make and style.

Cody H.
Thumbs up

These are the best pair of pants I've ever owned. I'll warn you that while linen is generally associated with lighter fabric, this fabric is THIC. The pants feel heavier than a pair of Carhartt work jeans or something. Keep that in mind, since you probably won't be able to wear these outside for long on a scorching day, which is what most people intend when they buy linen. They are better suited for summer evenings, or cooler days and the start and end of the season.

Marlon R.
Amazing trousers

I’m blown away by the quality of these trousers. Everything was made according to my build and specifications and couldn’t be more impressed. These trousers are definitely a game change and can not wait to expand my collection.

Leif D.
Nice heavy linen - perfect for trousers

I’m really happy with these trousers. The linen has a lovely weight so that the trousers hang nicely and do not crease to much. The color is also very versatile. As usual great craftsmanship.